Accountancy services

We    offer    a wide    range    of    accounting    services    including    single-entry    bookkeeping, double-entry   bookkeeping   and   related   services.   Wage   processing,   financial   statements and   wage   accounting   are   guaranteed.   Part   of   the   provided   services   are   also   all   the kinds   of   tax   declarations,   tax   advisory,   making   balance   sheets,   profit   and   loss   reports, confirmations   and   their   copies   and   if   needed   we   will   elaboreate   for   the   client   all   the documents   for   banks,   leasing   and   financial   companies   etc.   The   assistance   of   lawyers, tax advisors and auditors is provided by external companies.

Advisory services

We   specialize   in   business   and   economic   advisory   in   many   fields   related   to   entrepre- neurial   activities.   We   offer   consultations   in   the   area   of   business   relations   and   business activities,   particularly   concerning   the   establishing   of   business   companies,   alterations, disposal,   collecting   claims   and   preparation   or   supervision   of   contracts.   We   can   offer   our clients   extensive   information   about   investing   possibilities   within   the   Europe,   also   in banking   and   leasing   operations.   There   is   an   option   for   both   employers   and   employees to use the counseling services in labor relations or contract formation.

Other services 

We    also    offer    the    services    of    interpreters    and    translators.    We    arrange    certified translation   of   your   business   documents.   If   necessary,   we   can   assign   you   an   assistant, eventually you can make use of our typing or administration services.

Our Services

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